Мозайки с думите от Spelling Bee 2018

Тези мозайки с думи включват 500-те думи от списъка за подготовка в азбучен ред

Ето и някои идеи как може да ги използвате:

1. Show your students a poster with B words. Give a minute for everyone to look at them, and then conceal them. Individually or in pairs or groups the students try to recall as many as they can and write them down. Find out who remembered the most (and spelt them correctly).

2. Print 4 of the posters and post them in 4 different corners of the room. Divide the class in two teams. The teacher asks a player from each team to go to a corner, pick a word, come back and write it on the board. If it is spelled correctly the team gets a point.

3. Post 4 of the posters in 4 different places in your classroom. Pair up the students and ask each pair to go to a poster. Student 1 turns his back to the words, while student 1 starts reading the words. When student 1 hears the word he has to spell it, translate it and/or use it in a sentence.

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